This concept for a refrigerator can be transformed from the traditional vertical orientation to a horizontal 'sideboard', giving a stronger reference to furniture than a large domestic appliance.

Fridges are generally not the most attractive of domestic appliances. Not so this
bi-axis fridge, the result of a collaboration between Eindhoven based GRO design and Samsung.

ONE Series, Faucet in power coated steel , Client & production Daelim, cowork with LSD, 2006

Trash Slide, Trashcan in injection-moulded ABS, Client: Homeplus, 2009

Dong Jin Byeon

This is the radio that we can't control. It only picks up whatever signal it wants from the air and it plays any station it likes with its preferred volume. The interface for control is visible through the clear layer but it is unreachable thus losing its function. Its texture is lost as well.

Likewise, there are less apparent reasons that make our control impossible. For example the music distribution system and commercial factors forces us to pay for unwanted music in public space. This type of coercion also blocks the access to more diverse social and cultural interfaces. The control over what I want to perceive and experience, including the right to refuse it, becomes unreachable in our society.

Soh In Hwang

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