Dream ball is a brand new soccer ball, which is made by method recycling the boxes. By relife boxes, they get a hope and love. The childrens are make a dream by relife box.

Unplug Design

Voice Stick Designer: Sungwoo Park

Braille is still the standard when it comes to helping the visually impaired read. Unfortunately translating text into braille is costly and time consuming thus the disproportionate number of braille books. Voice Stick is an advance optical character recognition scanner designed to make all books available to the visually impaired.

This camera is Outta Sight
Designer: Chueh Lee, Liqing Zou, Ning Xu, Saiyou Ma, Dan Hu, Fengshun Jiang & Zhenhui Sun

“Touch Sight is a revolutionary digital camera designed for visually impaired people. Simple features make it easy to use, including a unique feature which records sound for three seconds after pressing the shutter button. The user can then use the sound as reference when reviewing and managing the photos. Touch Sight does not have an LCD but instead has a lightweight, flexible Braille display sheet which displays a 3D image by embossing the surface, allowing the user to touch their photo. The sound file and picture document combine to become a touchable photo that is saved in the device and can be uploaded to share with others–and downloaded to other Touch Sight cameras.”

For The Blind Who Don’t Know Braille
Designer: Hyung Jin Lim

The index finger portion of the glove hosts the said tactile sensor. Skim it over the Braille surface and it sends a feed to the main device housed on the back of the glove. Over here the feeds are interpreted and beamed to the headphone via Bluetooth as voice data.

Make a label for the Blind
Designers: Soonkyu Jang, Jieun Seo & Seung-un Kim

Sighted friends, you have the advantage of picking Coke over Pepsi simply by picking red over blue.

Another Simple MP3 Player
Designer: Bomi Kim

This one doesn’t have a name. It’s just referred to as the “Tactile MP3″ player. Why tactile? Simply because the 5 basic controls necessary to master your music are raised bumps, something like braille. The idea is you can control your music all by the sense of touch. Design wise, it’s pretty slick, like a dollop of shiny mercury backed by some creamy marshmallow puff.

undesigned prototype & Collection 

Zebra Crossing , Zebra pettern crossing , prototype image
Corn sign_ Unit, combination by SDESIGNUNIT

DESIGN UNDESIGNED Observe, Define, Simplify.
We have gathered to design ‘The undesigned objects.” or the objects that are waiting for the designer’s hand to be reached. If we look closer into our daily living lives, the objects that need to be designed properly are easily seen. We observed and defined the objects without feelings and reasons of being a certain shapes, or the objects that are designed “too much,” meaning unnecessary elements exist in its shape or functions.

directed and organized by SDESIGNUNIT

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