The Cowon 3D is, as you may have worked out, a 3D-capable personal media player (PMP). But who cares? Much more interesting is that this palm-sized, 4.8-inch movie-player has full 1080p video-output via HDMI, making it a rather compelling device for the movie-buff.

Here are the rest of the specs: That little screen has a resolution of 800 x 480, and as well as movies you can browse the web via Wi-Fi, read ebooks, play music and watch photo slideshows. The battery will juice the player for 10-hours-worth of movies, and you can pick between 32GB and 64GB versions.

OK, so 3D isn’t so lame, and the Cowon 3D has one neat trick: you done’t need glasses to watch it, although watching a 3D movie on that little screen seems to be such a headache-inducing a feature that it should be sponsored by the aspirin industry.

Finally, the price. When it goes on sale in Korea in December, the 3D will be KRW500,000 and 590,000 ($430 and $510) for 32GB and 64GB. At those prices, and with that tiny screen, you’d better really want the 1080p output, or the gimmicky 3D.


Pocket size portable HDD designed for MoohaDigital in order to reposition the Vodas brand at the high-end electronics segment. Vertigo design language is characterized by simplicity and pureness created working around a perfect geometric shape which is described and emphasized by a sequence of dynamic cutting lines. Grooves intersecting each others over the surfaces and codifying a new rhythm that finally generate this unique identity within this class of products.

Interface : USB 2.0
Power : USB/F Sources of ele
Color : Shocking Pink, Dark C
Capacity : without HDD / 320GB / 500GB
Transmission Speed : USB 2.0 (Max 480Mb
Rotational Speed : 5400 RPM
O/S : Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7
Size & Weight :  80mm(L) 133mm(W)15mm(H)  180g(with HDD)

b-on creative

Design Hara’s diminutive green PC (8.54 x 8.98 x 10.9 inch) can function as a living room entertainment or computing device for the family. It can easily be attached to your TV, projector, or any visual gadget through HDMI and DVI output, and can fully support Blu-ray. The green computer can accomodate a MINI-ITX motherboard, making it possible for the device to run on 60 watts of power per hour or just 30% of energy that most comparable PCs normally require. The device features a solid state 1TB hard drive , 4GB of RAM that can be upgraded to 8GBs, and an Intel Core2Duo processor.

Design Hara’s green HTPC was built with recycling in mind, at the end of the device’s life cycle. The internal parts are fastened in a steel frame, connected by nuts and bolts, and can be easily dismantled and separated when the time comes to recycle the product.

Design Hara

In order to realize design which makes people’s lives rich, we need materials, tools and processes which are compliant to it. Although we put away the area which is mechanized, still we have many areas human has to make it with hands and tools.

Interior work, building maintenance, wall papering and landscape architecture are the examples. Ladders, scaffolds or work stands are playing an important role in work sites. Nevertheless, the role of the work stands is only considered as ‘Foot stand.’

In this meaning, I would like to pioneer this area where design is not still considered in order to raise efficiency, more safety and make it to play pivotal role in sites.

Sungi Kim

The MINIMA is a classic example of how important form is in the design process. The adorable lattice style for keypads and the wood finish, relay a completely organic look. Specific attention to details like the camouflaged secondary display on the outer flip and bamboo look.

Although groceries that are frequently used in daily life are limited, refrigerator doors are indiscreetly opened and closed, leading to user inconvenience and unnecessary waste of energy. When the refrigerator door is opened, cool air flows out and warm air flows in according to how wide the door was opened, resulting in increased use of electric power.

A change has been made simply to the form of the partition between the refrigerator and freezer to create another small refrigerator located at a height that ensures easy access to objects inside. Users can store frequently-used groceries in this space, and conveniently open and close the door of the small refrigerator to take out and put in groceries.

Yong Jin Kim

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