'the total recall agent' by shohei nakamura, moon hwan lee, and oung wook jung from south korea and japan is one of seven entries that received the 'judge's special award' among over 3000 participants from our recent designboom competition 'a life with future computing' organized in collaboration with FUJITSU and DA - design association japan.

designers' own words:
the target user of the 'total recall agent' seed, is someone who wants to memorize previous experiences, particularly in the case of travelers who want to hold onto vivid memories about their experiences and show them to close friends and family.

the device acts as a 'travel agent' in the shape of a flying balloon that records one's activities while on vacation, using computer technology to share these travel experiences with others. the 'seed' focuses on the way of recording and sharing precious memories as vivid as possible. its services provide three values: sharing, remembering and guiding.

Young Kim is Senior User Experience Designer for the Microsoft hardware Group, and the man behind the Arc Touch Mouse.

Users can watch the video embedded at the bottom of this article, in order to hear Kim speak about his experience with building the new touch flavor of the Arc Mouse.

“Developing the new Arc Touch Mouse was the culmination of a lot of hard work from the multi-disciplinary team at the Hardware Group and I am excited to show you the role my team in Industrial Design had in creating the final product,” he stated.

“The focus of the mouse was to meet the needs of our customers’ mobile lifestyles; our user research showed that our customers wanted a mouse with a very small form factor so it was easy to take with them, but yet still large enough to be comfortable and help them get their work done.”

According to Kim, the process of developing the new peripheral involved more than 50 prototypes.

In Korea, we call ice cream bar as a "Hard," ever since the ice cream was introduced as the socity was westernized. During the Japanese occupation and shortly after, the old generation used to call it "Ice Keki"(Keki is a Japanese way of calling cake, which means Japanese address ice creama as ice cake). Howevr, the word "Ice Keki" is rarely being used in the modern days in Korea. Whining because tongue stuck to a fresh opened "hard" is the memory that all share as a child.


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