In Korea, we call ice cream bar as a "Hard," ever since the ice cream was introduced as the socity was westernized. During the Japanese occupation and shortly after, the old generation used to call it "Ice Keki"(Keki is a Japanese way of calling cake, which means Japanese address ice creama as ice cake). Howevr, the word "Ice Keki" is rarely being used in the modern days in Korea. Whining because tongue stuck to a fresh opened "hard" is the memory that all share as a child.


Play Hello iShoes - which was late and not quite up to snuff in protection - Taylor Technologies has returned with Play Hello iShoes for iPhone 4 ($25), a superior sequel. This silicone rubber case once again uses sneakers as a launching point for six colorful iPhone protectors, each packaged with shoelaces that you string up for decoration, and a color-matched string manager.

New this time are the inclusion of a screen protector, a sneaker "tongue" that adds more protection to the iPhone's back, and the removal of each package's second set of more unusually-colored laces, leaving each of the iShoes boxes with a single contrast-colored lace option. Overall, we'd call these a nice and more timely improvement over the prior-generation case, albeit at a modest price premium.

Play Hello

“Velosonix” is a music player intended toward bicycle riders to let them enjoy their favorite tracks on the go. Deriving its name from the French word “velo” and English word “sonic” meaning the bicycle sound, the futuristic music player presents a unique combination of EZ-Installation, EZ-Interface and superior aerodynamics.

Replacing the bracket that requires tools with rubber o-rings for easy mounting and dismounting on handlebars, the Velosonix also features a joystick to allow easy controls on the move, while horn-shaped speakers pointing forward reduce the air resistance.

Powered by a Li-ion battery, the ergonomic music player comes with an LED on/off indicator and USB connection for charging and data transfer. The Velosonix supports a wide range of music formats that includes MP3 and WMA files, which can be stored in the device’s 4GB onboard memory. To make the device safe for riders, the player doesn’t include any LCD display but features a Shuffle mode that allows the user to play music files randomly.

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