Experiential Typography | One Day Poem Pavilion

The results of an extensive exploration with shadows, the One Day Poem Pavilion demonstrates the poetic, transitory, site-sensitive and time-based nature of light and shadow.

Using a complex array of perforations, the pavilion’s surface allows light to pass through creating shifting patterns, which–during specific times of the year–transform into the legible text of a poem. The specific arrangements of the perforations reveal different shadow-poems according to the solar calendar: a theme of new-life during the summer solstice, a reflection on the passing of time at the period of the winter solstice. The time-based nature of the poem–and the visitor’s time-based encounters with it–allow viewers to have different experiences either seeing a stanza of the poem or getting the whole poem. All of these possible experiences are equally valuable and have meanings unique to the individual. This technique has the potential for producing particular effects and meanings within an architectural environment. Without the use of a source of power other than the sun, this project uses light and shadow to push the boundaries of communication and experiential delight.

Sub - tilte : 'Dumpling Kitchen'

Twenty-eight year of living in Korea with a grandmother who lovingly prepared our familly's meals every single day was followed by a bare six month' exposure to the menu of a British family. It was a gastronomic seismic shock. It fired my interest in food and kooking. My grandmother did it all with mininal and basic utensils.

Master graduation Design Academy Eindhoven 2007

Caterpillar Maze is a 3-dimensional geometric maze which is different to existing mazes which are 2-dimensional, such as playing on a paper. Secondly, in order to open the Caterpillar Maze to everyone, it was made with a cushion for safety reasons. Moreover, this cushion is also very attractive and can be used as decorations in the house. The Caterpillar Maze is principally made up of 5 cushions that are each individually made up 4 triangles. Each triangle portrays a different maze and therefore when the edges of each triangle meet, a path to a new maze is created and therefore numerous combinations can be achieved. By connecting more and more cushions, it is possible to increase the complexity of the game and adjust for the level of the user. The cushions are designed to have two zips to add and subtract cushions for beginners and high-grade players. Therefore, as the Caterpillar Game is adjustable, players can build their own mazes and even make up the rules by themselves.

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