Book. Film 00;08;44 . Installation . 2007

As evidenced through the discarding of printing labor at the end of the printing process, labor disappears or no longer becomes relevant. In examining the colophon page and crop marks used in the book making system, I seek to memorialize marginalized labor and more specifically, the anonymous printers who are so important to the end production of a book.

The book that I designed does not have an author. There is nothing that exists inside of the crop marks to reveal this. Thus the part out of crop marks that has been discard can become itself a book which is representative of the time and labor that has gone into the book. This book has 365 pages which stand for a year of time. Each page represents a day. After printing and trimming, the book is brought to a library in where many books can be found. Finally, by putting each page between the books in the library, it became a sculpture that represents marginalized labor.

Moonjung Jang

Choose and research a manufacturing
process and associated material and design a object for a domestic environment.

In developing your ideas, a secondary material and process may be introduced into the design at a later stage if it can be argued that it is a necessary addition, but it must be secondary (in both physical and visual volume). Fasteners and fixings such as nuts, bolts, washers etc. may also be used minimally for structural reasons only.

Flower & Flowers / vase / 2008

You can place a simple stem-long flower or a bunch of assorted flowers in a vase.
Sometimes you place only one flower in a vase.
In other times you may put a bunch together there.
A single flower placed in a vase with a wide neck seems awkward,
while you cannot put many flowers into a narrow-necked vase.

Water tap for primary school / Public design / 2006
Children are able to choose water tap depending on one’s height.
Gap of height between the lower and high grade is big. Althougn gap is high almost water taps have same height in many  primary school.
Solution is design. As chaning height of water taps we can make difference.
This water tap can be used any public space because gap between children and adult is bigger than that of children themselves.
Instead of sharp and heavy cement or stone recycled plastic is used as material.
Its round shape gives soft and safe feeling. Bright color reflects children’s taste and gives both brightness and freshness.

Maple phone / Mobile phone / 2007
Maple phone is made for people who prefer emotional satisfaction to a lot of functions.
Calling , text message and camera is most frequently in target user¡¯s life style.
Whole body of maple phone is covered with thin wooden film. Touch sensors under the film with back light deliver the stimulation. So if you touch it, it starts to light.
To maximize natural feeling LCD is hidden. Sliding it, then LCD appears from back.

Eun Hak Lee

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