The World’s 3rd Running Humanoid Robot

HUBO 2 has recently become the world’s third full-sized humanoid robot capable of running (after Honda’s ASIMO and Toyota’s Partner Robots – SONY’s QRIO was technically the first bipedal robot capable of running in 2003, but it was only 60cm tall).  In the last video (in which HUBO 2 performs TaiChi) we saw the robot in its incomplete form doing some running tests.  Now it appears that KAIST has got a complete robot running at 3.6kmph with 30cm strides, and improved its walking speed from 1.2kmph to 1.8kmph.  In order to qualify as “running”, both of the robot’s feet must be off the ground simultaneously during the flight phase of the running gait (HUBO 2’s feet are in the air for approximately 20~30ms).


G37 coupe Desire Beauty Intensity
The story of G37 narrates everything that men desire.  G37 is the reconciliation of everything I yearn for. He runs with me on the road that I take.  He is my alter ego that gazes back at me so that I can go faster, stronger, and more fiercely.

New FX

Fx doesn't protrude the yearning of expression nor the forceful beauty of G37.  He may not be near but is trustful and dignified.  He is my strong spirit that is yet to emerge.
The overall goal was to extract the unique shapes of Infinity's auto models.
Each component of the robot accentuates these particular lines. - Joo Hong Lee

Telematic Drum Circle
is an interdisciplinary art project which combines Tele-Robotics, Computer Science, Pneumatics and Music. The project explores the rupture of deeper communication in the technology meditated world, and addresses the issue of global harmony by sharing participants’ rhythmical spirit produced through the telematic live drum ensemble. It consists of two main components: a set of sixteen robotic drums arranged in an installation space and an interactive website networked with these drums. Each drum is representative of a geo-cultural region. Regardless of age, sex, religion, race, and culture, we all have a universal rhythm which is a heart beat. The drum is an instrument of rhythm, and I believe it can stand in for a person’s heart. The heart to heart communication expressed on drums cuts through all the differences, and blurs the boundaries. By tapping the computer keyboard while at the website, participants around the world can remotely play the robotic instruments together, while watching a live streaming video of their ensemble broadcast through the website.

Byeong Sam Jeon

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