KAIST(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) team led by professor Oh Jun-ho presented its rideable robot 'HuboFx-1' that was unveiled in November 2005.

The HuboFx-1 is 174cm tall at 150kg and can carry up to 100kg of person or luggage at the average walking speed of ordinary person. Equipped with six joints, its legs allow the robot to move freely around all directions(front and rear, left and right) by using its control stick.


products are based around the Dynamixel range of "serially controlled servo's.
Robots can be built right out of the box that are autonomous and that can walk around, avoiding objects, listening for your commands. For example, the sound sensor can distinguish between one clap and two, and respond with programmed behavioral changes. Sound and light sensors are built into a special category of servo that also has output and idler wheels.

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