Processed with natural mother-of-pearl and lacquer on top of high-quality resin, each toy in the RB Artisan Toy Series from Ducobi, is hand made by a master craftsman, drawing on over 1000 years of mother-of-pearl craft history, making each one unique.

Vinyl toy company Ducobi release the first of the 2010 RB series. They stand 7″ tall, the first one of the set is “The White Tiger” comes with stripes, where the second piece is “The DIY” comes in all white.

Silver and Gold metal finished RB

Custom RB by Kisang Doh

Ducobi is a company of talented designers and strategic-thinking developers from Korea, Japan and the U.S.A.


Suitman is the manifestation, in a physical, plastic form, of the lifelong alienation of artist Young Min had experienced, borne from his snapshot photography documentation of his travels (toysrevil)


Creative studio Brownbreath is a group of creatives pushing magazine, apparel, shop and design studio in Korea and they have teamed up with paper toy maker momot for some exclusive paper figures. The momot paper toys measure up 90mm in width, 130mm in height and 30mm in depth making it a fun little toy that can be built up from flat paper.

These toys rock the Autumn/Winter 2009 collection from Brownbreath and each of the six individual characters are distinct and possess lots of personality that would look great as a group or by themselves.

, Momot

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