"My Milk Toof" follows the adventures of two baby teeth, ickle and Lardee.

ickle (yes, spelled with a small "i") and Lardee are made out of polymer clay and acrylics. Lee has five (or so) models of each tooth with varying expressions. She makes the other props herself and takes a picture for her stories with a DSLR. Lee also conceptualizes and writes the stories featured in her blog.

In the past few years, the success of ickle and Lardee has risen fast. Aften doing some self-publishing for notebooks and card prints, Lee was offered a book deal by Chronicle Books and will be released in March of 2011.

"My Milk Toof" is quirky, fun and sweet. It's a delightful trip that tickles the imagination with no age boundaries.

Inhae Renee Lee is an artist working in Berkeley, California. After moving from Korea to America at the age of 16, she became interested in pursuing a career in animation. She studied at the California Institute of the Arts and École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris. She is currently a full-time blogger and the caretaker of two little teef.

Inhae  Lee

Nike has teamed up once again with Korean toymaker Coolrain to create the Dunkeys series of action figures. The Dunkeys are monkey basketball players with style, each featuring its own unique look. Each Dunkey figure comes in either regular colors or black and white, and come sporting a pair of Nikes.

Envisioned by Korean figure designers coolrain and SEMAN 10cm, a distant future where the current forms of government are gone and sports as leisure have all disappeared, entered preyBall – a basketball-like sporting event where genetically enhanced primates battle against one another and a sharp-toothed mechanical b-ball for cash awards, a perfect dystopia as if Mad Max met NBA. Headlined by stars like Skullkey, Mono, Simius, Cyborg00700, Gorida, Gorida Jr. and the one feature above, Pithecuse. Each comes with articulated joints at the arm, legs, plus other extremities.



Processed with natural mother-of-pearl and lacquer on top of high-quality resin, each toy in the RB Artisan Toy Series from Ducobi, is hand made by a master craftsman, drawing on over 1000 years of mother-of-pearl craft history, making each one unique.

Vinyl toy company Ducobi release the first of the 2010 RB series. They stand 7″ tall, the first one of the set is “The White Tiger” comes with stripes, where the second piece is “The DIY” comes in all white.

Silver and Gold metal finished RB

Custom RB by Kisang Doh

Ducobi is a company of talented designers and strategic-thinking developers from Korea, Japan and the U.S.A.


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