Paradox of non-existent existence

Many creations have been derived and developed from the notion of the archetype of existing object. The idea about the archetype of the object has been also a recurring topic explored by many artists. But most archetypes of existing objects in modern society have been stuck in the concept that is predetermined by the notion of convenience for capitalism and materialism.

They have been seen only in their designated perspective. If it is not existed in the way that they were supposed to be and most people expect to see, it can be perceived that it is non-existent as people tend to believe only what they have believed and they also see only what they want to see and it shows repulsion against the unfamiliar and new perspective of existing objects unconsciously so people believe that it is not existed.

This paradox can be resolved by the fusion of the unexpected and inexistent aspect of objects and manifests in a resistance against the traditional and existing perspective of objects.

Photographer : Kwangbok Jack Lee
Make-up : Kyungju Claire Chung
Stylist : Heather Hyein Lee, Yoon Yoon
Hair : Kyungju Claire Chung, Heather Hyein Lee
Retoucher : MJ Kim
Model : Gabriel Lefelman

Byung mun Seo

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