Nike has teamed up once again with Korean toymaker Coolrain to create the Dunkeys series of action figures. The Dunkeys are monkey basketball players with style, each featuring its own unique look. Each Dunkey figure comes in either regular colors or black and white, and come sporting a pair of Nikes.

Envisioned by Korean figure designers coolrain and SEMAN 10cm, a distant future where the current forms of government are gone and sports as leisure have all disappeared, entered preyBall – a basketball-like sporting event where genetically enhanced primates battle against one another and a sharp-toothed mechanical b-ball for cash awards, a perfect dystopia as if Mad Max met NBA. Headlined by stars like Skullkey, Mono, Simius, Cyborg00700, Gorida, Gorida Jr. and the one feature above, Pithecuse. Each comes with articulated joints at the arm, legs, plus other extremities.



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