#6 02 white oak 2010 16 x 12 x 8

#7 01 ash, copper wire 2010 30 x 23 x 20

# 08 02 ash, copper wire 2010 40 x 30 x 36

My work operates out of the conceptual space where my ideas about human relationship encounter the structural processes of hand made forms. My particular interest in human relationship has been human coexistence in modern global society. I explore issues of intense emotional tension, obsession, violence and sexuality through the material process of bending thin wood strips and stitching them with metal wires. These construction methods express the understanding that every human being is connected, bounded and destined to exist together. 

As such, the form of the human body itself deeply influences my work both formally and conceptually.  I see my objects as containers. The word, ‘to contain’, has an important role in my body of work. As a container, the object makes a boundary of inside and outside, creating a new space and volume. Ultimately, it synthesizes all the elements of the object making possibilities to become more than what it is.  It is in this synthesis of elements that the objects speak to our experience as humans. When we surrender our view of distinction and containment, we allow ourselves the possibility to become something much greater.

Hee Chan Kim

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