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"Little King," animation movie directed by Kim Hye-mi, combines Korean traditional musical storytelling pansori and animation. 2014 / Animation / 11'23

Director : Hye-mi Kim, Production : Won-Jae Choi, Script : Won-Jae Choi, Camera : Do-yeon Kim, Hyemi Kim, Sound designer : Dong Ju Bark, Music : Jeong Hye Shin, Editing : Won-Jae Choi, Animation : Hyemi Kim, Do-yeon Kim, Voice : Tae Rim Kim, Seong Won Shin, Decors : Do-yeon Kim, Hyemi Kim, Special effects : Won-Jae Choi, Sound Editing : Dong Ju Bark, Sound Mixing : Dong Ju Bark

Hye mi Kim was born in Busan, South Korea. She graduated from Busan University in 2000 and majored in Animation at the Korean Academy of Film Arts in 2004.

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