The Korean designer was usual playful self, offering his trademark balance between classical menswear citations and comic strip like appropriations.

The collection kicked off with vintage soldier reference, seemingly a mix between World War I and 19th century rifleman—: heavy khaki coats in heavy wool, helmet-like felt headpieces, plenty of straps and buckles for imaginary trenches.

Yet an Terminator-meets-the Michelin Man vibe was humorously injected by a clever contrast of materials: hybrids between leather and puffer jackets, woolen coats with neoprene embellishments, all created a tongue in cheek, ultra-muscular silhouette.

The show soon evolved into a futuristic warrior feel, with waxed, slick leather jackets, jumpers with alien figures à la 5th Element prints, and a grand finale of astronauts in poufy suits and plastic face protections.

“The mix of materials is what I’m proudest of,” said the designer backstage, “it introduces a new man, a sporty one.” For any male about to embark on a trip to Mars or the 23rd century, a total Juun J look seems like the ideal attire. -Alice Pfeiffer

Juun J

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