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Moving house. 2018

She usually looks at materials through their visual qualities, textures, surfaces, and colours. When she started to work with leather, she identified that in a tactile and visual manner, a leather sheet is a very three-dimensional material: its front, back, and edge surfaces are extremely different and contrasted.

From this observation, she initiated a process that explores how these three dimensions could be used to create visuals. In the end, she constructs rich compositions that combine both 3D and 2D languages into a collage of leathers. In this way, she reveals leather as a tool for visual expression much richer than the usual surface use which is made out of it.

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Melting Pop. 2018

With Melting Pot De Huiskamer creates a social design event during the DDW with an exhibition in which talented refugees, together with designers and residents from Eindhoven.

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CUTE anthropomorphism and thingification. 2017

These collaborative works by SEWAJI are one of the representations based on the research ‘CUTE’ that touched upon many hidden aspects of the striving for, and expression of, cuteness. With their own artistic perspective on ‘cute’, they present communicative objects and statues that imitate each other’s cuteness.

For them, imitating is one of the critical strategies, which demonstrate the expressive quality of ‘cute’ world. In this project, SEWAJI plays with two kinds of cuteness: natural cuteness in living creatures and engineered cuteness in inanimate objects.

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Ball play 2017

This ball incense holder has a simple shape with a playful elements.

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Petit dance 2016

Petit H is a small brand within Hermes. It was founded using Hermes’ old materials from the past, as well as slightly awed materials that could not be used, which gave it the unique ability to tell a completely new story and thereby giving birth to a brand named Petit H. During my visit of the Pantin factory located in Paris, I was able to witness a factory resembling a fairy tale scenery, where each item was carefully made by hand and displayed the value and story of the Hermes brand.

I was received a great deal of inspiration during my visit. This Petit H project respected the value of the Hermes brand, and it was a project creating an object capable of telling a story like only Petit H could.

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Bojaki blind 2014

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Broom brothers 2016

Broom bothers is a range of products used in everyday life and produced as aesthetically pieces, between ad ancestral tool and a modern object. From natural materials and crafts and traditional technics, Jung wanted to design simple but still useful objects with a very specific aesthetic that allows the user to exhibit them at home.

Hyunjee Jung

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