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The densely populated residential area on the inner side of Dosan-daero is a site in which civil complaints clash and height limits are rarely respected. The mass was folded according to the slopes of the stairs, to avoid a steeply set mass. By decreasing the mass as it ascends along the straight stairs, skylights were placed at each level.

The building’s purpose is as a recording studio, which has instigated serious complaints by local residents restricted opening up the outer wall, with its closed figure naturally leading to a selection of bricks.Though red bricks were chosen in accordance with the surrounding multiplex housing, by using surface cutting of used bricks, an old faded look was achieved.

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The recording studio on the second and third floors was sedigned to have no columns by using the windowless outer wall as a structure, and the volume containing the office on the fourth and fifth floors was built with a light transparent box to relieve the weight of the trans structure. The upper volume is supported by V-shape steel column in the ground floor car park, transferring the weight to the underground reinforced concrete column.

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By inserting a commercial building in the block of multiplex housings, a nuanve of change was initiated by partially combining the light gestures of steel structure on the familiar brick building.

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Architects : Dia Architecture Location : 64-21 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea Architect in Charge : Chung Hyuna Design Team : Lim Seoyeon Area : 589.0 sqm Project Year : 2014 Photographs : Kyungsub Shin Structural Engineer : THE STRUCTURE Mechanical Engineer : BOW TECHNICAL CONSTRUCTION Electrical Engineer : SUNGJI E&C Construction : COAZ CONSTRUCTION

Dia Architecture

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