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ROLL OUT THE FUTURE OLED TV R9, The Rollable OLED: A Revolutionary TV

The Rollable OLED opens a new horizon of the future of TV . The product is coming as an actual product in 2019.

This Revolutionary TV, unveiled at CES 2019, will deliver a new sense of life with its leading-edge technology. The screen disappears without a trace, only leaving behind a true piece of art.

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Featuring a revolutionary rollable OLED display, the new LG TV R can hide itself into a base like a digital scroll from the future.

The display at CES featured rollable TVs in a format similar to what you might have in your living room in the future (though you might have just one, rather than five next to each other). We already had a taste of this model at CES 2018, and one of the most interesting features was its ability to change size with the touch of the button.

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Interior designers hate large TVs, and rightfully so: most of the time they’re just huge black frames that disrupt a carefully balanced setting, battling for space with other non-flat and better-looking pieces of furniture. LG’s new TV R, just unveiled at CES 2019, might be the right solution for such an annoying first-world problem: thanks to LG’s flexible OLED technology, the 65” TV R’s screen can roll itself into a nicely designed sideboard-like base, to be un-rolled only when needed to actually watch TV.

Even when the screen is completely tucked away, the base can play music and understand voice commands. After teasing a prototype of the TV R last year, LG announced this week that it will hit the shelves next spring.

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You can adjust the aspect ratio to allow for specific cinematic experiences, with Full View, Line View and Zero View options. With full view, you can see the full extent of contrast, depth and realism which is standard with all LG TVs.

You can also get support from Amazon Alexa and even with Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit. Line View, meanwhile, show things like the time, mood, music selections and even frame mode which shows your favourite photos. Or, you can let the TV roll all the way into the box and forget it even exists with Zero view.

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