Jae-Jung Kim, a master of traditional doors and windows, have made traditional ones for more than 50 years and have made every efforts in making and protecting the doors and windows of the traditional architecture such as palaces, temples and Confucian halls. His representative works are the doors and windows of Daejeokgwang Hall in Geumsan Temple, Seorin Temple, Gochang Seonwoon Temple, themples and Confucian schools of Gochang Myohang-Seong and so forth.

Seok Jin Jo -  Master of Cabinet making

The traditional wood furniture produced in Jeonju and Namwon regions shows great features especially in the materials, structures and decorations. Seok-Jin Jo is a master famous for the prizes in International Olympics and Master Contests as well as for a person who succeeds to Eun_Seong An, Gap-Gon Jo and Seok-Jin Jo as an traditional art line of Jeollabuk province to hold the original crafts. He won the Gold Prize in the 'International Vocational training competition of Spain' in 1975 for the first time in Korea, was selected as the 1st Master in the wood material field in 1988 and designated as an intangible cultural asset master in 1998. Now he is cultivating future masters and concentrating on work activities

'onn' as a masterpiece of a thousand-year-history Jeonju tells the onn beauty of the life of a person. It lights up the traditional peculiarity and matches well with goods of other cultures. As a practicable and quality product, it is pleasing household goods of elegance. Persons with a world view, being liberated from age, generation, jobs and nationality and persons who appreciate the real value of objects are the people for 'onn'.

Oon Life

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