Organic Solidarity, Mixed Media on canvas, 72.7 x 60.5 cm, 2012

Seoul in the 21st Century has been made rapid progress since the Korean War in 1950. Outwardly it looks remarkable but it has caused side effect, Defeatism. The defeatism – an acceptance of defeat without struggle – is endemic in our society. For example, the Salvation Army which is the biggest charity organization in Korea had become a hotbed of corruption. Nowadays we know that no matter who donated a lot, the poor cannot get any help. Also a turnout of vote of the National Assembly is getting lower. Because we know it will not make any changes, but make a fat purse. Moreover the members of Korean Alliance progressive movement even are old fashioned men whose thoughts are all wasted. It is like assembling too old parts into an Ipad4. All of media, structures and systems delude us into thinking we are living in the new glittering world. However they actually make us be alienated and isolated with desperation toward genuine progress what we eagerly wanted.

Images which are embodied in my painting have narratives about incidents and accidents that are caused the defeatism in the society. The images are spurting throughout the land and blowing up to the progress as uprising and movement in the past. But it produced byproducts. They break cover themselves and then finally they are about to embark on pollution and metastasis against the main systems, structures and media with sneering.

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