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PaperBricks Pallet 2016, paperbricks

Using the PaperBricks, the PaperBricks Pallet series were created to show how the PaperBricks could be used constructively. The series consists of two coffee tables and a bench.

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PaperBricks Pallet Coffee Table Detail

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PaperBricks Pallet Bench , 2016

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PaperBricks Pallet Series, 2016, paperbricks

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Alchemist’s Furniture 2017, newspaper, wood glue, wood

The Alchemist’s Furniture is series of furniture which explores the transformation of a material into another element through the application and the technique. Paper is sculpted into branch like structures which has the aesthetics of a marbled stone, while having the tactility of both rough stone and soft paper. Just like an alchemist would, a lifeless material from old newspapers have been given a new life as a furniture of another element.

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WAXED 2015, paraffin wax, wood

Wax is a material which gradually disappears over time. With this project, I wanted to use the wax to freeze the time and also hold the construction together.

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PaperBricks_Sculpt series 2017, paperbricks, paper, wood glue, wood

PaperBricks_Sculpt series is an exploration into the material and its contrasting characteristics. Paper can be both soft and hard, rough and smooth, systematic and irregular which can be seen in this series. The soft surfaces, rigid shapes in contrast to rough and natural forms. The contrast is also in the way of working. The mould manufactured bricks to freely sculpted legs.

WooJai Lee is Korean - New Zealander designer based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. He likes to work with different materials, experimenting and exploring their hidden potentials. He works in both constructional and sculptural ways, mixing the qualities of the two to create unique style of works. They are highly influenced by his interest in materials, craftsmanship, drawing and sculptures.

WooJai Lee

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