Present for you 90 x 193 cm Acrlyic on canvas 2009

Present 130 x 97 cm Acrlyic on canvas 2009

Floating_B 91 x 73 cm Acrlyic on canvas 2009

Floating_B  100 ×100 cm Acrylic on canvas 2010

The basis of my work starts from the curiosity I have towards why people behave the way they do and why certain things happen.

I believe that the combination of tradition, habits, culture, religion and many other social values are the stepping stones in creating one person or one nation’s history.
In order to understand the world we live in, I habitually pull important points from my surroundings to create rules. With these rules I come up with a formula that helps me to remember one aspect of life. I then create numerous formulas that interconnect with one another to make up the many layers of our everyday lives.

This is the process I use with my paintings, I create layer upon layer to create a multidimensional work that is all connected with one another. There are various shapes that are hidden in the works and if looking carefully one can see that even these shapes can all connect with one another; my work, in essential, is a landscape of all of these shapes and layers. - Park, EunYoung

Park Kyung Ryul

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