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Seatub, 1066(W)*843(D)*1534(H) mm , 2008

Seatub is made of Moulded Carbon fibre fabric (Tub) Polished and die-casted Aluminum (Clawfeet)

Behaviours between ‘sit’ and ‘bath’, there are some instinctive purposes. A chair is an object for a sitting behaviour as a tool which is demarcated a territory by object. Physical relaxation is an essential behaviour through chair the object as we recognised.

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Seatub is a lounge chair which came from bathroom. It is started from observing in every day which viewing an existence of object as an evolutional thing. Every objects are developed a symbiosis between factors such as circumstances, objects and users visibly or invisibly.

Seatub the lounge chair experiments to shift a function and to explore a similarity on differ- ent things in daily life. Although, the chair and the bathtub are not a live creature, it can be developed or justified a new creature as an evolutional thing through a shifting people’s per- spectives.

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Positives=Negatives is made of CNC-milled ABS plastic and maple wood and lacquer sprayed Dimension is W900*D320*H275(mm) , 2006

“Domestic perspectives” represent that a scene of linking and conflating collective things through a medium of furniture. It is mainly generated that shifting in usage, exploring similarities and form finding around of us. It is not just discuss about narrow spectrums such as a trend.

The object of things can be domesticated with cultural perspectives and open-minded perspectives. Everything has two sides: positive-negative, in-out and above-below. They can be reverse meaning of both sides as well. The Positives =Negatives is basically a low-height-desk. It is possible to reverse it to create a rack for displaying books, amplifier and small goods etc. The Positives =Negatives is motivated by Korean traditional low-height desk's form and color. Radically, this object is composed of lightness

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Snows is made of moulded ABS plastics with sanded-polyethylene foam Dimension is W327*D327*H523(mm) , 2006

The snows was inspired by a scene of ‘Kim chi’ (the name of Korean traditional food) jars on a terrace covered in snow. This can be used both as a stool and a storage container. A jar covered in snow is cold thing but the form feels warm and makes you want to sit on it. Also it can be used to store something to use for example like toys, books and bottle of wines etc.

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Covered in snow composes the cushion. It looks as if it is covered in snow, but actually the cushion is made of Polyethylene Foam. It is possible to recycle this, just as melted snow returns to nature. It is inspired by the Korean traditional jar's functions and shapes and it is made by plastic (blow mould or gas injected polypropylene).

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Saint & Nest are made of CNC-milled ABS plastics and aluminuim with T5 circular lamp. Dimension is W439*D35*H1497(mm); 2006 Saint / W717*D717*H300(mm); Nest The Saint and Nest are a set of floor lamps and a low-height table which can be use in living spaces.
 It doesn’t express religious viewpoints and it isn’t a religious work.

It sets a scene of relaxation
 which can be used when reading books, chatting to someone or when having tea under the lamplight. The floor lamp was inspired by a saint’s halo and it is height adjustable. The table, which can be used for stacking books and magazines inside, was inspired by a nest in a forest.

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Twistedtwisted is made of CNC-milled ABS plastics with lacquer sprayed Dimensions are W270*D270*H510(mm) , W250*D250*H470(mm) , 2006

The twisted twisted is a stool whose shape seems to have been wrenched by extreme gravity. This project is the beginning of fundamental work for the next phase which will focus on generating distorted shapes. It shows natural and curved lines that are formed from distortion and it is without straight lines. This is a simple stool, but its distortion has a clear force. If we sit on the stool, the force is likely to transfer to us.

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BAEK KI KIM is London-based a Korean designer who investigates inter-disciplinary matter along architectural and industrial territories. He practiced at Samsung Electronics as a designer, and has studied architect at the AA school of architecture that gained many of suc- cessful achievements for his works and researches.

Domain of his work is interconnected among many of disciplines with its process that can be formed through experimental sequences. Also, it can be explored for a new attempt of thinking about what is design. Recently, he starts to investigate emergence paradigm which is driven by parametric phenom- enon and bio-dynamics. His principle of design is that try to engage in design at the intellec- tual and productive works between science, art and design.

Baek Ki Kim

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