Self-Portrait, digital print, 88x210.3cm, 2007

Creating a portrait of my body in this piece, I employed signs and symbols, like those commonly used in blueprints or mechanical drawings, thus leading viewers to imagine someone whom they haven’t met and possibly to reconstruct a “new” person out of the complicated and yet clearly descriptive anatomy.

Technically speaking, I first measure each body part, including the length, distance and angle, and then transfer the measured dimensions onto the paper. In the process, even small moles, scars and pimples on the skin are carefully observed and translated into symbols. In addition, I also try to quantify the aura of the figure in kilometers, which refers to an invisible spirit and soul, drawing halo-like curves around the head.

A Diagram of Somnolence, digital print, 255x230cm.2008

This piece is about the state of being half awake and half dreaming. Juxtaposing a dream in the awakened reality and a fantasy in a dream, I tried to visualize how organs work in the stage of somnolence (drowsiness) using signs and codes, including the anatomy of a brain, reactions within the nervous system, the link between the brain and the eyes, etc.

Min jeong An

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