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Splendid Facet

This is a study of the intrinsic functioning of visual arts and the harmony of lifestyles in present. In Modernity, as an affluent life, humans tried to add art to life. Compare to modernity, Modern era pursues simple and affordable consumption. Out of these flows, when the objects become functional and ornamental they can serve as a reminder of the roles which is visual arts function originally.

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Noriginal Studio

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Branding design for Bottleshot brew

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Brewery branding project

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Duksil Foundation Identity Design.

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Rover Up

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Travel Magazine done during college.

Songah Lee is an Independent, South Korea-based graphic designer. She is huge fan of Art history and passionate about design and always looking for original and contemporary visual solution. As necessary of unique typefaces for typographic solutions are realized, she works on wide range of type and experimental types. She aims to work off and on-line for a wide range of clients, from cultural institutions and brands and private companies, both internationally and locally.

Songah Lee

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