The Past and The Future 1, 2009 Spray paint on Canvas 145.5 X 112.1 cm

The Past and The Future 2, 2009 Spray paint on Canvas 145.5 X 112.1 cm

Eternal Echo, 2012 Watercolor on Paper 24.4 X 34.4 cm

Yoonhyup (Born. 1982, South Korea / New York)

Currently based in Seoul and New York City, Yoon Hyup is a Painter and Designer rooted in fine arts, traditional Korean culture and the sub-cultures of Seoul.

He began painting in his early twenties, inspired by aesthetics of Cubism. Extending his visual lexicon using multi-layered, solid lines and single plane figures, Yoon Hyup has continually developed his work on multiple mediums. From street art to art exhibitions, video to collaborations with global brands, he has been actively approaching select opportunities to communicate with the public in as many diverse formats as possible. His work has established him as a key figure in Seoul's vibrant and rapidly changing underground art scene.

Yoonhyup Kim

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