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The Pleats Chair is an aluminium chair that is lightweight and strong with a pleated structure. Corrugated structure is widely used in an architecture and a fashion in terms of the strong structure and the beautiful aesthetics.The Pleats Chair highlights both aspects with a carefully designed pleats pattern.

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My first approach to this project was to develop a strong yet lightweight chair. Aluminium is not only a good material for it’s rigidity and lightness but also recycling. The energy to recycle the aluminum only requires 5% energy of producing the new aluminum. The recycled aluminium generally can save significant amount of the cost over the production of new aluminium, even after the cost of collection, separation and recycling are taken into account.

In order to achieve an elegant aesthetic, a custom-made two-part mold was designed with a pattern of the pleats. These pleats are pressed on to the aluminum sheets with a strong pressure to make the body of the Pleats Chair.

The profile of the cross section continuous from the backrest to the seat smoothly with legs by sharing same radius. As a result, the thin shell of the body can stay rigid to seat on while maintaining a delicate aesthetic and a lightweight. The embossed pattern and the profile of the chair brings a unique character to the Pleated Chair.

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old friend lighting

I designed ‘Old friend lighting’ for my friend. I have an old friend from elementary school. I gave him gifts when he has a big event such as joining the army. In this time, my friend was getting married. So I made this light for him.

This lighting is story about two people who have different personality but similar. So this lighting also was constructed two geometry that is similar but different. One is edged, other thing is round. And they blend in with each other and make shiny light. Our lives and friendship were like this, and I hope my friend also would be harmonized with his wife in their married life.

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Naver asked us to new design the furnitures at their training institure where the existing furnitures did not function well in the educational environment. We started looking at the desk and made a series of furnitures to make the education easy and smooth. Campus One is the outcome, office furniture collection for the Naver traning institute in Chuncheon.

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The institute opened in 2014, it was designed in the light of architectural styles and interiors and the study on usability was continued based on an educational program. It was intended to refine previous inconveniences and make furniture that has the distinctive features of NAVER. As a project manager, I was in charge of whole process from concept development to design and production.

Ilseop Yoon

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