"Folding Surface 6.9" / 2012 / threads, UV light, Dimensions variable
Solo Exhibition "DIALOGUE LINEAIRE" / galerie laurent müller, Paris

”The virtual space is not existing for me, my art is analog“ – this is a very clear statement for someone who’s art is always being referred to as a translation from virtual aesthetic to an analog space. But Jeongmoon Choi is fighting against that and emphasizing the core of her work: space.

"Construction" / 2011 / approx. 30 sqm space, threads, black lights
Exhibition “AMARCORD” / Gallery Fellini, Berlin

Growing up in Seoul, Jeongmoon learned to deal with limited space in a playful way while thinking about its presentation as a way to define social relations. The dream of the South Korean artist back then, which was to wander around her drawings, has come true. Her installations made out of strings create another world that enables the spectator to have a whole new experience of space; almost like an invitation to meditate.

"8.9" / 2012 / threads, wooden frame / 200 x 130 cm
Solo Exhibition "DIALOGUE LINEAIRE" / galerie laurent müller, Paris

What is really special about Jeongmoon’s work is the relation between material and effect, which is also proven in her current work “Drawing in Space“. Jeongmoon gets her inspiration from the constant transformation of her urban environment. But this doesn’t necessarily always lead to something positive. She has witnessed a myriad of changes in Berlin, where she has lived for over ten years now. Unfortunately, Jeongmoon’s atelier in Prenzlauer Berg, a mix of laboratory and workshop will soon fall prey to the redevelopment wave.

"Birdcage" / 2006 / threads, black lights / approx. 16 sqm space / 3. Berliner Kunstsalon, Berlin

Berlin based artist Jeongmoon Choi latest installation is pretty outstanding. Her 3D UV lights + Thread Installation dresses rooms by creating shapes and mapping with threads that she illuminate with UV lights. A genius concept that create beautiful 3D visual effects.

Jeongmoon Choi

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