Brothers Tim and Dan Joo created their bag label Haerfest with the intention of designing "modern basics that age well." With four simple styles crafted in durable materials like leather and brass, the unisex line boasts equally straightforward style names such as A1 Back Pack.

While the A1 retains the classic backpack shape in sultry leather, the A2 Bucket Bag riffs on the roll-top trend with its open top and multifunctional straps. Together, they sling over shoulders as one strap, or for a more streamlined approach, separate them to keep it casual.

The A3 Shoulder Sack, definitely the most feminine of the collection, flattens completely making it a useful bag to pack on your next trip.

For extended journeys, the A4 Overnight Duffel mods a classic but keeps it functional. The tubular shape makes it easy to stow, leather flaps secure hidden pockets and its simple leather exterior adds an alluring Bond element—sure to get you bumped up to first.


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