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Trans 2012-01, 2012 - White oak, zebrawood, brass, redcopper, 180W x 45D x 170H cm, 71W x 18D x 67H Inches

Bahk Jong Sun is a South Korean artist and designer known for his exquisite and minimalist furniture design. Inheriting philosophy of Joseon dynasty scholars Seonbi who embraced the practical aesthetic of Confucianism, his works emphasize functionality and the principles of “emptying” or clearing away all the excess. Therefore, functionality, simplicity and exquisite craftsmanship are most important characteristics of Bahk Jong Sun’s furniture. Their natural beauty is highlighted not just by the harmony of the simple modernist lines but also by designer’s indulgent relationship with wood.

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Trancs L-C 2011-01, 2011 - Cherry wood, 180 W x 160 D x 74 H CM, 71 W x 63 D x 29 H Inches

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Trans-13-001, 2013 - White oak, 320W x 40D x 187H cm

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Trans 13-003, 2013 - Cherry, 206.5W x 83D x 93.5H cm

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Tranquil A, B, 2012 - White Oak, 62W x 65D x 35SH, 86BH cm

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“Achieving sympathy with the wood itself” is what Bahk Jong Sun values the most in his creative process. His workshop, an old farm building that’s been converted into a modern carpentry studio, is based in Wonju, Gangwon Province where the designer is always surrounded by nature. In a manner of a true artisan, he uses the material that he gathers from the nature around him and allows the wood to dictate the design and communicate its fine beauty through organic forms.

Jongsun Bahk

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