Pablo's heart 01 (PB-01) experimental electronic instrument
hardware engineering by Junkyu Ko
software engineering by Jaewon Bang
model / performance by Cindy Sizer

CCollaborated and inspired by young indie artists in Seoul, PB-01 is a next generation electronic sampler which experiments with the sound in different mediums. The instrument elaborates with taking the analogue characters of existing instruments and transcending it to the digital, making it an innovative DJ performance culture. Instead of pressing buttons to trigger sound, you can play the sound samples with different units such as the horn and string unit inside the instrument. Also the sensitive body can be tapped and moved to amplify and transform the sound in different pitches and tunes. The user can perform and play with them in different ways where creativity allows. Pablo’s Heart was inspired by the form of the AK-16 gun that was a symbolic figure as a tool for destruction, the idea was to shift it to the idea of creation.

Rhea Jeong

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