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Famed photographer CHOGISEOK, renowned for his unique conceptual and filmic style, has successfully put himself on the map of the fashion industry with his peculiar lens on lookbooks and editorials. Now the artist has taken to his Seoul-based fashion imprint KUSIKOHC to offer up an equally ideational lookbook for the brand’s third collection, titled “WHY [ ] STARTED.”

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The new collection is thematically categorized into three categories: Showpiece, Ready-to-wear, and Jewelry. Showpieces are made up of one-of-a-kind items, from luxuriously crafted patchwork parkas and ponchos, printed dresses, and Jacquard-embroidered suits.

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The ready-to-wear line dives into more production-based staples, offering up various jackets, printed tops, and various bag and hat accessories. The jewelry line remains equally unique, offering up some gothic-styled pieces that fit well into the avant-garde pastiche employed throughout the collection.

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