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ZEROVITY Technology enhances soft tactility between skin and material in addition to the optimized shock absorbability that depends on different situations, thus it reduces general body stress and fatigue.

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The most perfect recovery shoes

Our shoes disperse concentrated body weight throughout the whole surface of your feet by 24% to 50% less than normal shoes. The thick outsole and softness of our ZEROVITY material absorb shocks and relax your feet after travel or exercise. And you can also feel the optimal softness and flexibility.

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Non-slip Outsole

Our “wave” shape patterns are based on naturally curved footprint and help easy walking, preventing slips at the same time.

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Our special thick (4cm) outsole applied Zerovity shock absorbing technology that can allow the best comfort.

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TENDERATE Corp., the manufacturer of TAW&TOE, considers interactions between human body and ground surface with our catchphrase “Soft Solution.” We investigate materials for shoe products as well as furniture, floor, and other objects. We develop our own branding, R&D, and manufacturing in order to ensure the high level of quality. That is, we can keep innovative with our integrated identity.


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