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Space exists as “devoid”. Nevertheless, any work proving the substance of a space is the same as the coercion of a confession. If we are obliged to argue that “devoid” should exist, we will have to make clear the limits of existing and non-existing first.

What cannot be sensed is known as devoid. However, such cognition assumes that the virtual may be the real. It might be more persuasive to present material evidence than argue for a conviction. We may get a confession by presenting evidence of experience. An absolute raison d’etre for the devoid is created by the senses.

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It may well be a pun to suggest a fact about devoid, dismissing common sense about the state of being devoid. I attempt to create a situation with the framework of common sense excluded in order to create an absolute situation deviated from it. If the void of common sense should be eliminated, its substance would show up.

Therefore, a space only with a minimally functional opening would look like it is closed tightly. However, the weight, malleability and texture of the resultant space is not closed at all. For the essence of the space discovered cannot be locked in up.

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