Joy Gryson, former Director of Design and Development for Marc Jacobs handbags and accessories (remember the Stella, Sophia, and Zoe bags?), has struck out on her own and created a line of edgy bags at prices that won't make you homeless. Her bags are reminiscent of Marc Jacobs' pre-Louis Vuitton days and we love them! Gryson's approach to design is to make the inside of a bag as beautiful as the outside and making this level of luxury approachable and affordable. I love this Skye leather satchel and have ordered mine in chocolate brown for fall. The braided handle adds sophistication to this other wise casual bag. I won't be using the shoulder strap but for those of you who need both hands free for cell phone and starbucks this is the perfect bag! $695 at Bergdorf Goodman. Pre-order yours today! At these prices they will be sold out before Labor Day.


This dinosaur themed hiker is geared specially for future paleontologists who can't cross the street without mom's permission. the lateral side features a ferocious 3D molded Tyrannosaurus Rex that pops out the side of the shoes. The medial side feature dinosaur scales, a3D molded snout, and a clear domed eye always on the lookout for fun. Alaceless four gore closure makes it easy for any child to slip the shoe on and off. Thick outscales with a fossil excavation theme make it perfect for stormping through nature trails or concreate jungles. more

Zip is the modern redefininition of Korea Tradition. General Exterior originate with a traditional' Straw shoes' of Korea. The structure and practicality of it is far superior than any other shoes.

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