This dinosaur themed hiker is geared specially for future paleontologists who can't cross the street without mom's permission. the lateral side features a ferocious 3D molded Tyrannosaurus Rex that pops out the side of the shoes. The medial side feature dinosaur scales, a3D molded snout, and a clear domed eye always on the lookout for fun. Alaceless four gore closure makes it easy for any child to slip the shoe on and off. Thick outscales with a fossil excavation theme make it perfect for stormping through nature trails or concreate jungles. more

Zip is the modern redefininition of Korea Tradition. General Exterior originate with a traditional' Straw shoes' of Korea. The structure and practicality of it is far superior than any other shoes.
Y&Kei Water the Earth
Beautiful Match, MAC for Y&Kei

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