Communication can be difficult when cultural and historical backgrounds are so distanced. A Korean grandmother and her German granddaughter try to work it out.

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graduation film at Royal College of Art 2018


Sound Design and Mixing: Edward A Guy

Writer: Lydia Rynne, Dal Park

Actors Neighbours: Eunju Ara Choi, Sunny Sun-A Kim, Eunji Choi

Coloring Assistant: Alix Bortoli, Camille Gibut, Dana-Mari Tarakchieva, Terri Broughton, Tianhua Lin, Tom Salo, Shiran Shu, Brogan Bertie, Jia Li, Mariana Leal, Grete Ly Valing, Fazilet Akbaba, Jonathan Kan, Inadas Ait-Ferral, Fabian Wong, Zehong Zhu

DAL PARK is a German animation artist, director and illustrator based in Berlin since 2020. BA Communication Design, Munich University of Applied Sciences (2014) MA Animation, Royal College of Art (2018)

Dal Park

3D teaser, Bacchae for Onassis Cultural Centre, Credit: Art Direction and 3D animation

Aris Biniaris’s Bacchae explores the bestial power inherent in Dionysus, the God of theatre, lust and ritual madness. Younji Ku manipulates the face of the King in 3D, exploring the transformative element of the Bacchae.

Sans Couture, Credit: Film Edit and Soundtrack

Nick Knight captures A/W 14's finest haute couture from houses such as Dior, Schiaparelli and Chanel in dynamic movement in a fashion film edited by Younji Ku

Girl, Credit: Film Edit and Soundtrack

This pioneering film was created by combining the visions of two directors; Nick Knight and Rei Nadal. It features fashion by over 30 different London designers including Meadham Kirchhoff, Shrimps, Ryan Lo and Christopher Kane and explores the trend for overt, almost cartoonish femininity and girlishness. The film was funded by the BFC Fashion Film initiative, which is sponsored by River Island.

Comme des Garçons A/W 16, Credit: Film Edit and Sound Design

Rei Kawakubo has long challenged modern French fashion. For A/W 16 she looked to the 18th century, capturing its revolutionary spirit with frills, furbelows and rich fairy-tale florals.

Lee Alexander McQueen, 1969 - 2010, Credit: Film Edit and Sound Design

Sparked by the arrival of 'Savage Beauty' in London, Nick Knight and the SHOWstudio team set about opening up his archive, searching for unused and unseen footage from his collaborations with Alexander McQueen. Sitting alongside our 'Unseen McQueen' series, this Knight film - made with help from Younji Ku and Jon Emmony - features video shot in 2010 for the tribute film, 'To Lee, With Love, Nick.'

Ion for Onassis Cultural Centre, Credit: Art Direction, Film Edit

Extracting moments from the minimal choreography orchestrated by Christos Papadopoulos, Nick Knight's film expands space and time. Art directed by Younji Ku, Ion sees Papadopoulos's ten dancers creating negative space in the echoes of their individual movements. The film explores group behaviour and the concept of the individual's role in a community. Opposing the reductive appearance of the dance piece, Knight's film displays the ways in which repetitive motion reveals new ways of inhabiting space.

DBS Superleggera | Aston Martin , Credit: Digital Art Direction, 3D animation and Film Edit

The new Aston Martin DBS Superleggera makes its debut with a starring role in a new film by the innovative image maker Nick Knight. Placed centre stage amidst a bold piece of contemporary cinematic art, the DBS Superleggera's poise and power are vividly re-imagined through Knight's unique vision.

Younji Ku is a video and sound artist who currently works as Art Director at SHOWstudio. She was born in Seoul, South Korea and currently resides in London. She holds a BA (Hons) in Fine Arts from UAL and joined SHOWstudio in 2014 as Film Editor. She has a strong interest in every aspects of visual and audio culture and is passionate about experimenting with unconventional ways of presenting these media to reflect fast changing modern society and people's mind living within it.

Younji Ku

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Sept. 21, 2017 | Bob Boilen -- One look at (and listen to) the cross-dressing, Asian rock band SsingSsing and you would hardly think they're singing music inspired by traditional Korean folk. But SsingSsing isn't like any other band I've ever seen or heard.

The group sings a regional folk style called minyo and the gender bending look has to do with shamans not glamour. As singer Hee-moon Lee describes it, "In Korean traditional art, male shamans, called baksu, have the body of a male. But as mediums, they need more than a single sexual identity, because they're channeling both male and female spirits. When I act a female character and sing, I have to overcome the fact of my being a male sorikkun (singer), and try my utmost to bring a more neutral, unisex feeling to the performance. It sounds silly, but I feel like going back to the sensibilities of my youth, when I liked Madonna, helps."

The understated music, the small dramatic gestures and the costumes all combine for one of my most memorable Tiny Desk Concerts of all time.

Set List

"Minyo Medley" "Nanbongga (Song of Beloveds)" "Saseol Nanbongga (Narrative Song of Beloveds)"


Hee-moon Lee (vocal), Da-hye Choo (vocal), Seung-tae Shin (vocal), Young-gyu Jang (bass guitar), Tae-won Lee (electric guitar), and Chul-hee Lee (drums)


Producers: Bob Boilen, Bronson Arcuri, Morgan Noelle Smith; Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Videographers: Beck Harlan, Kara Frame, Bronson Arcuri; Production Assistant: CJ Riculan; Photo: Claire Harbage/NPR.

NPR Tiny Desk Concerts - Video

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