REDDRESS design Aamu Song

The idea of creating a connection between performer and audience was at the beginning of RED DRESS.  Aamu Song was dreaming of an artist whose dress, like the sound of his or her music, would spread more and more until it would enfold the whole audience. The subject matter of relation and connection is moreover revealed in the cooperation of the presenters of RED DRESS.


Send My Heart Fall / Winter
The Collection is about high fashion outdoor wear focused on the surface textile for women. The main inspiration is from a ‘Vintage Postal’. This collection is converting the main inspiration to my own story of ‘Send My Heart’ by using delicate hand embroidery and the variety of surface textile which based on envelop, bird, dots and vintage post cards..

‘A post-bird send my heart. Through this collection, I wanted to send my thankful heart to people in naïve and genuine vintage way by using post cards, letters, post birds and stamps including my invented stamp using my face which adds a sense of humor to the collection. This collection is a story telling in a way of sense of humor. ‘

The collection fabrics are 100% wool knit, herringbone, cashmere, digital printed crepe, heavy-weight cotton, light-weight cotton and silk chiffon.
The collection accessories are hand-made hair band, brooch and a trunk stitched with printed textile to highlight the collection.

The signature of the collection is a girl who wears all A-line and knee-lengthen skirts, dresses, coats, mix/match with tops and bottoms. All the collection has hand stitched and textiled postal images to emphasize the original idea of ‘Send My Heart’. The collection shows a cute and girlish feeling and will lead a huggable and make people warm smile.

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