There is no escap

Gotama 2012

Lu Xun 2012

Manus Eugene

Gisaeng Series

Gisaeng Series

Kisaeng (also spelled gisaeng), sometimes called ginyeo, were officially sanctioned Korean female entertainers or sometimes prostitutes. Kisaeng are artists who work to entertain others, such as the yangbans and kings.

Dean Holdeen

Tapestry 2008


Dumpling 2007

Ji yun Chae

Kang San

A Lover 42 x 59.4 cm mixed media 2009

The Queen of oblivion - Remember your power 21.9 x 29.7 cm  mixed media 2008

My lover boy! pencil on paper,21.9 x 29.7 cm 2010

My boy collection series ,pencil on paper,21.9 x 29.7 cm 2010

Kim Ok

Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces

Julia Kristeva, author of Powers of Horror, examines the critical theory behind the human interest in the "abject". Abjection is the casting away or rejection based on mortality. It studies the relationship between object and subject. Weighting it as life or death. The judgment of abjected of objects can vary based on cultural differences as well as the idea of semiotics, what the "abjected" or the act of "abjecting" represents.

This series visits the beauty within the various textures found in rotting, decomposing objects. The presence of life and death, captured in one image. The death of an object/animal, and the birth growth of fungi. This is a graphic representation of the above.

All works completed with sumi ink on 16"x20" board.

Face Illustration in pen and ink. Silkscreen print available 8"x8" on Stonehenge paper.

Anthony Bourdain No Reservations: Macau

Sophia Chang hails from the borough of Queens, an avid and eccentric spirit, active in the art & design community. She works in all mediums of crafted matter, from printmaking, tees, zines, sites and more.

Sophia Chang

The Past and The Future 1, 2009 Spray paint on Canvas 145.5 X 112.1 cm

The Past and The Future 2, 2009 Spray paint on Canvas 145.5 X 112.1 cm

Eternal Echo, 2012 Watercolor on Paper 24.4 X 34.4 cm

Yoonhyup (Born. 1982, South Korea / New York)

Currently based in Seoul and New York City, Yoon Hyup is a Painter and Designer rooted in fine arts, traditional Korean culture and the sub-cultures of Seoul.

He began painting in his early twenties, inspired by aesthetics of Cubism. Extending his visual lexicon using multi-layered, solid lines and single plane figures, Yoon Hyup has continually developed his work on multiple mediums. From street art to art exhibitions, video to collaborations with global brands, he has been actively approaching select opportunities to communicate with the public in as many diverse formats as possible. His work has established him as a key figure in Seoul's vibrant and rapidly changing underground art scene.

Yoonhyup Kim

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