Corolla , archival pigment print

A study on the texture and form of flowers, rather than its colors.

Corolla is a series documenting the natural beauty of flowers by strictly studying texture and form, rather than focusing on color. A lot of my work has a concentration on nature and the outdoors but this was the first time where I brought the outdoors in and had full control of my surroundings. I wanted to photograph this series to show all the subtleties in the forms of flowers. When these flowers are stripped of color, there is a different sense of beauty conveyed through these gems of nature.

Daniel Seung Lee is a young photographer based in Los Angeles, CA who is just starting his photography studies at at the Art Center College of Design in LA.

Daniel Seung Lee

Sandy Kim is a photographer who lives in San Francisco. Kim uses various point-and-shoot cameras purchased at thrift stores, from Yashica T4s to Olympus Stylus Epics to her favorite Contax T2.

As an extension to Ryan McGinley's interview in this month's issue of Dazed & Confused, the photographer picks out his best-loved images by Sandy Kim, his favourite photographer from the current crop of young American talents.

Here are a few press photos I took for the band GIRLS. Their new album father son holy ghost is amazing.

Sandy Kim

Archisculpture 008, 2012, gelatin silver print, 180 x 120cm, edition 10

Archisculpture 006

Archisculpture 003

René Descartes claimed that on the whole, the design of the architecture built by one master is more beautiful and perfect than that of buildings by many architects. However, the purpose of the Archisculpture Project is to make a gigantic sculpture with a variety of building design characteristics by many different architects. This project could be described as a collage of a ‘Phantasmagoria’ that was discovered by Flâneur’s view of metropolis.
If there is the Punctum on photography, parts of architectures I chose here would be my real Punctum, and the fabrication of these forms artworks of the Archisculpture Project. Within this project, a variety of architectural elements are reborn as a gigantic and historic new sculpture. Therefore, this project is quite symbolic. The Archisculpture Project makes new stories, connecting every meaning of architecture, or makes comments or proposals by dismantling a cityscape, rather than just being beautiful as an artwork.

Beomsik Won

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