Other magnetic paper clip holder has some problems. It keeps paper pins and tacks without any protection. because Pins and Tacks are on the surface of the holder. It is not to easy to gather clips, pins and tacks because they are too thin and sharp.

Turtle is a new way of magnetic paper clip holder. Turtle keeps clips, pins and tacks inside of the body. You can gather them very easily by dragging because of magnet. It is possible to stack Turtle to save space for packing and shipping as well.

Sehwan Oh

Lemon Skin + squeezer
The lemon Skin + squeezer consists of a food grade silicone cap and a stainless steel screw-in part. Once the metal part is screwed in the lemon can be squeezed effectively and a few drops or the whole lemon can be used. In the case of using just a small amount the cap is replaced to cover and create a seal around the lemon. This allows the lemon to be airtight again and thus protecting it for a longer period of time. The lemon can then be thrown back into the fridge without the concern that it will dry out. The distinctive visual language informs the users that a lemon is already in use

Onion Skin + vase
Similar to the grapefruit Skin, the onion Skin uses a food grade silicone cap to seal a partly used onion. The uniqueness of the onion Skin lays in its shape which allows it to be used as a vase to grow an onion. Most people aren’t aware that an onion can be grown and used for cooking similar to chives.

Skins are caps that allow you to use as little or as much of your fruit and vegetables as you like. As most produce only dries out and degrades once its protective outer layer is broken, Skins complete this barrier to maintain the natural function of a sealed container. This initial range focuses on produce most commonly used in parts, such as lemons, grapefruits or onions. Skins not only extend the life of left over fruit and vegetables but also provide a strong visual cue as to which items are in use. There are four different products that form the Skins range so far. These products are a lemon skin + squeezer, a grapefruit skin, an onion skin and an onion skin + vase.

DaeKyung Ahn

The symmetric apertures on this watering can allow it to be approached from either side. The handle doubles as a sort of funnel, directing the water into the container naturally.

Presented in ICFF 2009 , http://www.innate-gestures.com

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