Steckmasse / Take-out Flowers, How to carry flowers in daily life
Collaboration with Jiseon,Park & Eunho,Kim    
We usually carry flowers as bunch of flowers vinyl-covered or paper.
But we've aleady had carring method in the daily living. such as drinking package-tetra pack, Ice cream corn(waffle) and take-out coffee carrier
We suggest some natural method, materials and ideas for carring flowers in our daily living.


This multicolored rose was created by Lim Gi-byung, professor of floriculture at Kyungpook National University, and his research team over three years of reaserrch.

Food Arts DECEMBER 2006

Korean culinary expert Lim Ji-ho has a magazine article titled, “2006: Korea Captures The Stage: A Cuisine That’s A Surprise to the West” which was held in June at United Nations headquarters in New York as part of the Third U.N.-Korean Food Festival designed for head chefs from around the world.

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