Custom Narin Racer, Dollcis LE-5 A Limited Edition of Five to be offered Worldwide.

An exquisite handmade outfit, fully lined, hand embroidered blouse and handstitched Monarch butterfly at waist. Spring Monarch Narae is limited to five and measures 57 cm. Her cotton lawn halter top is adorned with sequins, beads and ribbon hand embroidery accented by a silk hand-embroidered butterfly. A golden flounce of silk taffeta creates her skirt, with fringed trim with a column of bows. Net stockings reveal strapped handmade custom leather shoes. A pearl choker and a ruffled cuffs complete this ensemble reflective of the Rococo style. Outfit, styling and facepainting by Paul Pham of Dollcis.


KEROBEROS COP, OTAK SENSE : action figure,  more figure work gonbro


2 Leg Walking Robot,  
Ron N'Block is proposing energy efficiency of Robot Technology through interpreting robot structure as an expert robot design company and try approaching various culture through planning product, designing and producing to popularize robot mechanism.

Ron N'Block

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