I have recently started a side project of conceptual pieces, ranging from sculptures to installations. Here is the first of the series called Frames. The piece is composed of a simple white frame and is attached to glass windows of Art Center College of Design without any visible fixtures. Putting a frame on an existing windows has a number of interesting phenomenas.

First of all, it passively lures viewers to look where they normally wouldn't have. Secondly, the frame creates a visual trick in exaggerating depth. I've heard people say, "Wow, it looks three dimensional." Obviously, everything you see is. It also helps start a discussion on the definition of "art". As a designer I have always found the fine lines that surround art interesting. Is framing a beautiful, random, and natural composition of branches art? Numerous people have come to me and said "yes" to to that question. I'm still exploring. - Andrew Kim

Andrew Kim

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