Korean indie band Hyukoh has just released the music video for their new title track “Tomboy”.

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“Tomboy” is a dual title track alongside “Leather Jacket,” both of which were revealed on the same day as the band’s new album 23. This marks the first full-length album from Hyukoh, which contains a recurring theme of the tumultuous emotions of youth. The music video for “Tomboy” is a special collaboration with illustrator Park Gwang-Soo, who has been quite active in the past year as an artist. His unique style is expressed in the music video, simply using black brush strokes against a white background to tell a story through animation.

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23” is the 1st album recorded by South Korean band Hyukoh. It was released on April 24, 2017 by Loen Entertainment.

Track List 1.Burning Youth 2.Tokyo Inn 3.Leather Jacket 4.Tomboy * 5.2002worldcup 6.Jesus Lived In A Motel Room 7.Wanli (万里) 8.Die Alone 9.Reservation 10.Simon 11.Paul 12.Surf Boy


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