The Lotte Buyeo Resort, the nation’s first history- & culture- themed resort complex opened its doors for business in Buyeo-gun, Chungcheongnam-do on September 2nd.

Lotte Buyeo Resort is centered on a 10-story complex seated on a plot of land measuring 32,000㎡. Accommodations are designed to meet the needs of a variety of guests. There are: 14 Luxury VIP Rooms, 68 Deluxe Rooms geared towards international visitors and small parties, 84 family rooms, and 156 Suites.

Visitors can also expect to find all the luxurious amenities associated with the Lotte, including a 4,000㎡ indoor wave pool, a full-service spa, four reception halls, state-of-the-art conference rooms, and a restaurant with room for up to 330 diners. Other conveniences include business center, coin-operated laundry machines, and Kids’ Club.

One thing that makes this resort unique is the traditional style that pervades the grounds, including numerous design elements that are throwbacks to the Baekje Kingdom.

The Lotte Buyeo Resort was carefully designed to harmonize with the ‘Baekje Cultural Land’ located nearby, a miniature reproduction of landmarks from the Baekje Kingdom, one of the greatest ancient kingdoms of Korea.

KYWC Architect

'White house' is a house built with the concept of nature design by need21. This work won the 2011 Korea space design.

The director of the 'white house' means vividly demonstrate the concept of nature is a part. White house with the emptying and filling, and is characterized by the coexistence.

See anything that can be accepted indefinitely, but everything outside of bag will depend on the movement of water and light. Silent emptiness of space, because the light silently accept the changes it can make the space filled. In addition, towering toward the sky by the light show and also disappears in the skylight. Images of the inside of the building also were given white.


Completed in January 2012, this 1,110 square foot eye-catching home is located in Giheung-Gu, South Korea.

Lollipop House by Moon Hoon:

“A young couple with a beautiful daughter visited my office one day.

They wanted a unique house. Something that they have not seen.

We talked about a house that is made of large steps that keeps on rising.

We also explored spirals. All these talks stopped suddenly when we realized that the client had a tight budget.

The initial idea of house with steps turned into a practical version of skip floor format, with a small atrium in the middle. The half basement is used as a study followed by living room ,kitchen & dinning, master bed, child’s room, attic for the child, and attic AV room. The client was very happy when the design was finished.

They had a seven storey building (half floor difference). Inevitably, the house had dynamic quality, like that of a giant stairwell. The large void in the middle accentuated it even further. The spiraling energy created within was an inspiration for the exterior. The swirling energy was translated into a flat dimension, thus the nickname lollipop house was born…”

Project Info:

Architect: Moon Hoon
Design team: Lee Ju Hee / Kim Dong Won / Park Sang Eun
Client: Kim Dae Sung
Completion date: January 2012
Location: 492-5 Cheongdeok-Dong, Giheung-Gu, Yongin-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea
Total site area: 204.10m2
Total floor area: 102.98m2
Construction: reinforced concrete + wood frame
Exterior materials: metal panel
Interior materials: wood flooring, wall paper

Moon Hoon

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