Blossom Jar 201102 22 cm x 35 cm x 39.5 cm. Porcelain and Black Clay Photo by David Williams

Blossom Jar 201102 22 cm x 35 cm x 39.5 cm. Porcelain and Black Clay Photo by David Williams

Blossom 201111 28 cm x 20 cm x 51 cm, Black Clay and Porcelain Photo by David Williams

Blossom Jar 201103

Inspired by qualities of traditional Korean Moon jars, wheel thrown porcelain vessels are joining together imperfectly and risky in order to conceive natural movement from multiple firing process. Although my works are skilfully crafted and desire perfection, I do believe my works gain natural fluency from firing process

Hyo Sun  Kim

Brooch: Giraffe 2011 23 x 8 x 9 cm
Human hair, gold leaf, small intestine of cow, seeds, silver

Brooch: Polar bear 2010 10 x 15 x 8 cm
Human hair, gold leaf, small intestine of cow, seeds, silver

Brooch: Gorilla 2010 13 x 14 x 10 cm
Human hair, gold leaf, small intestine of cow, seeds, silver

Like an alchemist Eunmi Chun searches for the philosopher's stone with her works of intestines and gold-plated hair.

"The skin of the animal is breeding ground for the germinating seeds, from which gold-plated human hair is sprouting. These are images from the cycle of life; images of progress and decay. They deal with the fact that life carries on, incessantly and forever changing".

Brooch: Gold on Rag 2008 2 ½ x 2 ½ x ¾ inches
Rag, porcelain, 24k yellow gold luster, nu gold, stainless steel

Brooch: Gold on Paper 2008 3 x 3 inches
Paper, porcelain, nu gold, 24k yellow gold luster, stainless steel

Brooch: Material & Process 2008 2 x 2 x 2 inches
Paper, porcelain, copper oxides, 24k yellow gold luster, sterling silver, stainless steel

Necklace: Lichen and Mica 2008 20 inches long
Lichen, mica tree bark-all collected in Penland, North Carolina, sterling silver

Soyeon is a jewelry artist. She recently had two solo exhibitions showcasing her most current bodies of work. She received MFA in Metals from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2010, and BFA in Metals from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2005. She is currently based in Richmond, Virginia where she teaches as a visiting faculty in the Department of Craft/Material Studies at the Virginia Commonwealth University.

So Yeon Kim

“Working in cardbord, I am continually trying to discover logical constructions, inspired by colors and textures in the material itself. and it could be worn on body to be a jewellry by itself, I'm researching other Materials for efficient repetition of the impression of color and the texture of a material.“

3D Stud Earrings 2011 oxidised silver, elastic thread and gold leaf

Jeehyun Chung, a recent graduate from Edinburgh College of Art, makes oriental and contemporary style jewellery inspired by blending moments from travels across Europe with traditional Korean art and crafts.

Flower Brooch Oxidized Silver,Gold Leaf and Elastic Thread

Brooch 2 2010 oxidised silver, elastic & cotton threads and korean silk

3D Neckpiece 2011 oxidised silver, elastic thread

My aim is to explore the aesthetic value of combining non-traditional materials(elastic and cotton threads) with precious metals(Gold and silver), cultural forms and expressions, and to bring a personal colour to these experiments.

I am inspired by fields such as fashion and textiles, by combining disparate non-traditional elements to see the effect of their interaction and by the blending of moments from journeys across Europe with traditional Korean culture and craft. Ultimately, I hope to reflect my sence of beauty through my jewellery when it is worn on the body.

Jee Hyun Chung

paper pearl. necklace;14k gold, 24k gold, ny times, pearl, s.silver,semi precious stones

paper pearl. necklace;14k gold, ny times, pearl, s.silver,steel cable

paper ring

"My work is based on the theme "East meets West", which is the meeting and the interplay between materials and forms, methods, techniques and literature. In every step of my jewelry creation I combine the Eastern traditional boundaries and the Western modern boundaries, reaching the realm of where objects adorn the body using contrast, tension, absence and presence."

Kiwon Wang was born in Korea and has lived in the United States for the last 16 years. She has a BFA in jewelry and metalsmithing from Georgia State University and has an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. She has also taught at the Rhode Island School of Design and at Kookmin  University in Korea. Her work has appeared in numerous exhibitions in the United States, Germany,UK, Japan and Korea. Jewelry by Kiwon Wang has been published and reviewed in numerous newspapers, magazines and books, including Graphis, New York Magazine, Ornament, Rebound by Louis Vuitton and Boston Globe to name a few.

Ki Won Wang

Steel Stool 2 / Forged steel / 500 h x 300 dia (mm) / 2010

Steel Stool 6 / Forged steel / 470 x 340 dia (mm) / 2010

Jun Bum Park

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