Digital Veil looks like a simple LCD used as a veil for the face. Through some modification of the device, the viewers watch neither the face of the wearer nor the B&W animations on the LCD screen but a hybrid between the two.


MIT Media Laboratory, Cambridge, MA. October 02 - 31, 2001. 
The Kitchen, New York, NY. November 30, 2001 - January 15, 2002. 

Alternative Autobiographies explores Richard Kostelanetz's long-time interest in describing a life—in this case, his own—in books and electronic media in ways other than chronological, continuous narrative. By bringing these elements together as never before—to be read, projected, heard, and seen—a truth and completeness is (perhaps) realized that was impossible in continuous prose. 

The window is the metaphor for which the writer looks out onto the world. The writer looks out the window, only to realize that he must negotiate with the social world. His work, his thoughts are inspired by his social ties. Yet, the writer separates himself from the world to realize and believe his truths and rhythms. The visualizations are drawns from Kostelanetz's compilation of his social contacts.

Hyun-Yeul Lee  MIT Media Laboratory in the Media Fabrics Group (formerly known as the Interactive Cinema Group). Glorianna Davenport, Bill Mitchell, and Gordon Bell served as my thesis committee members. My research and interests focus on how "storiedness" can shape the design of our built environment and experiences.

Poem Vacuum Cleaner

by Eunmi Yang, Heyhey Communications, Inc.
Words projected onto the floor are virtually cleaned up by a vacuum cleaner.

floor is covered with poems coming from an overhead projector. When a viewer vacuums the poetic words, they turn into colorful projected flowers. According to the author, this work reflects on the role of a poem, which is a flower in our desolate urban existence. She commented that reading poems purifies feelings.

by Chris Mendoza and Geon Dong Kim.

Interactive installation that explores the role of the physical interface in virtual environments. Conceptualized by fellow RISD student Geon Dong Kim, my role in the project concentrated on the development and production of the piece. The project involves a bicycle pump that, when depressed, triggers a series of “dust” particles that are projected on the floor.

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