Tatal brand experience to deliver a consistent message to the customers thougnt the uniforms, deliveries and other activities to improve and to re-establish the overall image of Yakult brand as a healthy and trustwoethy company.


Gourmet Island is an island-type Kimchi refrigerator: island table and kimchi refrigerator are combined. The storage spaces are divided based on the frequency of eating and main/sub users. By this user-centered structure, families can easily and conveniently use the refrigerator.

Moreover, it has a hot/cool plate function. When eating hot food, users can turn on the hot plate function and eat it without worrying if the food will get cold. They can also enjoy cold beverage, such as wine, with the cool plate function.

Designers - Jooyeon Lee, Sooyeon Kang, Youngsung Kim, Junehwa Lee, Seol Namgung
Industry-Academic Cooperation Project
LG Dios & Seoul National University

Eazzzy USB Digital camera
Design: Seok won Bae, Sung Woo Park, Mi nye Chae

Digital cameras are easy to use and make great pictures. The only trouble is, that you always need an extra adapter to transfer data. Eazzzy is a digital camera equipped with a USB cable. That way pictures can be taken easily and data can be transferred quickly. Have you ever used a toy camera? Although this kind of camera offers less efficiency and technique, it has a big enough capacity to take romantic pictures – but it is not digital. So, why not use Eazzzy to take any kind of pictures at any place and any time and share them with your friends or online community? Eazzzy is easy to use, also. Bloggers have been waiting for this product for a long time. The jury: fun idea.

Sung Woo Park

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