Face_without_face 2007 Project 'Why not?'.

We can fill time with a lot of different things. The existing clocks has the limits of application in space since its system is made to be rotated by the central axis. Therefore, by arranging works part on the exterior, the center of the clock can be turned into another value. Its values and meanings are flexible that they differ from how the users make a choice on its condition such as location and method. The back side contains minimal information, not indicating the hour hand, so that it can minimize the error the users would make when recognizing time.

Dust_Pan_Vacuum_Cleaner (2009)

This is a dustpan vacuum cleaner for a desk space. This project started from a connection between cleaning products. It has a shape of normal dust pan with vacuum system inside of handle. User can use it just normal way without vacuum system with brush. The way of using is up to user whether use it with vacuum system or not. Dust pan shows feedback for user how much collected the dust and brush is a perfect tool to clean a space easily and quickly.

Il Gu Cha

The 1.5 liter water bottle is formed into the shape of a concertina tube, which can be varied to the users’ amount of water left. Making more space in the bag as well as decreasing shipping costs. The initial concept was brought in the background of Melbourne for my exchange student period. I found it common in Australia, people enjoy taking out 1.5 water bottles with them as well as smaller ones hence the large size of it.

Rhea Jeong

‘Hello Haptic’ is a flash card kit for the blind children to learn various haptical experiences about nature. Visually impaired children are able to self-educate themselves about different parts of nature with this learning aid. They will be properly stimulated about diverse characters of nature as well as fulfilling their curiosity through their first-hand tactile knowledge. Collaborated with Sunmin Lee, Rhea Jeong, Youngsoo Hong.

2009 IDEA. Silver Prize. Student Designs.

Sae Hee Lee

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