The 1.5 liter water bottle is formed into the shape of a concertina tube, which can be varied to the users’ amount of water left. Making more space in the bag as well as decreasing shipping costs. The initial concept was brought in the background of Melbourne for my exchange student period. I found it common in Australia, people enjoy taking out 1.5 water bottles with them as well as smaller ones hence the large size of it.

Rhea Jeong

‘Hello Haptic’ is a flash card kit for the blind children to learn various haptical experiences about nature. Visually impaired children are able to self-educate themselves about different parts of nature with this learning aid. They will be properly stimulated about diverse characters of nature as well as fulfilling their curiosity through their first-hand tactile knowledge. Collaborated with Sunmin Lee, Rhea Jeong, Youngsoo Hong.

2009 IDEA. Silver Prize. Student Designs.

Sae Hee Lee

Specs-wise it's a 6-inch display using e-ink, with a full QWERTY keyboard, memory card slot for SDHC cards up to 32GB, and its PDF, E-Pub, txt, and Microsoft-Office file compatible right out of the box without requiring a file-conversion system.

6-inch 600 x 800 E-Ink display , 2GB internal storage , A microSD/SDHC card slot , USB 2.0 port , Built in comic book viewer , Support for PDF, EPUB, TXT, PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS and HWP eBook formats without requiring conversion.


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