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EFFULGE 2012 - 2014

Acrylic, Glass, Aluminum, Photonic Crystal, Neodymium, Motor, Computer, Electronic Micro Controller, Electromagenticfield Generator, Muon-detector, Air Pump

A project of Fluid Skies, 2012

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Glycerin, water, led

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Paramagnet Particle, Distilled Water

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ARGOS 2018

Gelger Müller tube, glass, aluminium, micro controller

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Microfluid dynamics installation

Yunchul Kim is an artist, an electroacoustic music composer, and the founder of Studio Locus Solus in Seoul. His latest works are focusing on the artistic potential of fluid dynamics, metamaterials (photonic crystals) and especially on the context of magnetohydrodynamics. His works have been shown internationally including: FACT, Liverpool; ZKM, Germany; Ars Electronica, Austria; International Triennial of New media art, China; VIDA15.0, Spain; Transmediale, Germany; ISEA, Germany; and New York Digital Salon, amongst others.

Kim was the winner of the Collide International Award 2016, CERN, and was awarded the third prize at VIDA 15.0, Vida Foundation in 2013. He has received grants from renowned institutions and organizations such as Ernst Schering Foundation, Edith-Russ-Haus for Media Art.

Having taught in several academic institutions, Kim was chief researcher of the research group Mattereality at the Transdisciplinary Research Program at the Korea Institute for Advanced Study. He is a member of the art and science project group Fluid Skies as well as Liquid Things, an artistic research project at the Art and Science Department of the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria.

Yunchul Kim

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